July 21, 2020

After a month of multiple covid border crossings, workspace tear-downs, new build-ups, great wine and expensive coffee we’re finally all set in our new (temporary) home near Nantes, in France 🇫🇷
The workspace is right next to Yann’s house, our V4 engineering team manager. It’s a beautiful space surrounded by trees, even though is not far by the city and even has a river flowing by. Feels like the perfect transition to Project Kamp, between city life and rural life. It is super nice to work here after years bunkered in concrete and cement in due-to-be-demolished postwar buildings. 
The team here is made up of Yann, Carolina, Joseph, Rory, Jason and Kat. France team is predominantly working on our newly released starterkits – organizing and managing orders, customer and partner relationship building, and working out the shipping process. They’re also building a few kits components and continuing some recycled plastic research with the sheetpress. Stay tuned for new How-tos!
Au-revoir, Mattia