June 13, 2018

Sayonara Happenstance ✋

We are super proud of what Happenstance Workshop have been creating through the years. The London based duo, Jordan & Bob, has been constantly putting out great work. Whether they were making new products part of their STEW collection, hacking our machines or publishing new pics of their multiple workshops across the UK the level of care, details and professionalism was always refreshing. We can’t hide that it came fully out of the blue their email explaining they are going to bring the project to an halt. 



Yhe, but why?
As Jordan explained me over the phone they decided to quit for two main factors, money and passion. So first of all, let’s address the elephant in the room. Money 😡. As often with Precious Plastic the money aspect isn’t easy for various reasons. And we take responsibility for that, I mean, we haven’t yet been able to provide our community with proper guidance on it. We’re sorry. But we ain’t that good at that. We ourselves struggled for 4 years, living in workspaces and vans 😅. Moreover, living in London isn’t exactly the most cost-effective option. You have crazy rent and expenses and are forced to sell a lot or at high prices which isn’t often easy.


On top of that, they both came to a point in their creative life where they felt the need to go back to their real passion, carpentry for Bob and product design for Jordan. And you know how creativity goes. It’s like love. Can’t really argue with it. Gotta do what you gotta do.



Their diverse range of skills made Happenstance Workshop so special combining fantastic woodwork with plastic and clever design. You guys gave so much to Precious Plastic and the community.

We will miss you guys 😃

Good luck with your future endeavours.