August 21, 2017

Save the date. V3 is coming!

About 6 months ago we started working on Precious Plastic 3, kicking of with a video. Since then we got people from all over the world helping out (watch our monthly news to see them 💪) We’ve learned an incredible amount when it comes to recycling plastic and its time to share it back to you guys!

We will start with an online release the 16th of October!important. A few days later, 21st we will present the offline version 🎉  A big full exhibition during the DDW completely on Precious Plastic. We share everything what we’ve made in one place. This is unique for us. We’ve never done this before, showing experiments, container, creations and our entire team will be there to answer questions and talk about plastic the whole week. If you are into Precious Plastic you will love it! Drop by and hang out!

Now we are going full steam ahead in the coming weeks to wrap it all up. In the picture above our logo painted on the container. This is one of the reasons why we have an illustrated logo. –You can paint it yourself and it still looks like the original 😅

See you soon!
Team Plastic