February 1, 2016

Precious Plastic truly feels like a community project to me. Everyone involved is working in their own way towards the same goal of recycling plastic. We develop machines to re-mold plastic, others use these and start their little plastic recycle factory. And the last +1 year we are working on V2.0 of the machines –I always say machines, but actually the entire project will be re-booted in this new version. This will all be launched within the coming weeks!


our old logo

One thing that we are re-doing is the visual identity, more specifically, a new logo. The old logo was..well..interesting. But a pain in the ass to use, make vector, draw, put on a stamp etc. We needed a better more practical logo. Usually this means look a lot around, brainstorm, sit behind a table and just drawing logos, lots.of.logos. And finally while being blind by the overload of logos try to pick the best one out of the stack. yeh, we don’t like this process. We wanted to try something else..


Let’s do it openly, the community way. Get others from all over the globe involved in making and deciding which logo suits the project best.


some of community submitted logos

In order to organise this properly we took it step by step

  • Starting of by gathering inspiration of logos people currently like or sketch out some ideas, nothing fancy yet.
  • Use all the previously gathered information to make new logos.
  • Vote on the top 5 concepts you like the most, which direction fits the project.
  • The top 3 logos are re-fined and helt up for a final vote.


Improvement is key

One thing we learned is not everyone in the community can make a logo, you need to know the tools and have some experience. However everyone can share their thoughts, thinker about the inspiration of others, some are better in ideas others are better in executing. It’s not about making one ‘amazing super awesome logo’ and thats it. Its about working together and build upon the ideas of others, build, improve and refine until it’s done.

The last voting. These 3 made it to the final round.
Most votes = the new Precious Plastic logo!


We’ve seen a lot of great logos coming by, but the scary part of this approach –does the community feel the same way? Or are we going to end up with something that looks bananas to us –literally kept me awake for a few nights. But step by step it took shape and we ended up with a logo we all absolutely love! In fact I wonder if we had the balls ourselves to pick this if it wasn’t for the community backing it. So thank you all very much for getting involved, contributing, voting, making! We will finish it up with one last polish, create it in large resolution with a style guideline and make it ready with the launch of our new website. We are really looking forward implementing this little flag in the big update! Stay tuned