May 25, 2020

The Precious Plastic Bazar 2.0 is Online

Today after a few months of extensive beta-testing we’re proud to officially present you the Precious Plastic Bazar 2.0, a significantly more powerful plastic recycling marketplace for both sellers and buyers to power the Precious Plastic Universe.

The Bazar, aka the Precious Plastic marketplace, is the backbone of Precious Plastic. It connects recyclers with buyers. On a global scale. Allowing hundreds of entrepreneurs around the globe to turn their recycling passion into a business. Last year alone the Bazar processed 200.000€ in sales. This is money going straight to people tackling the plastic problem (-5% that goes to cover costs).

Throughout 2019 we’ve been developing a new Bazar to help ever more people become full-time recyclers. The old Bazar did a great “start-up” job. A Minimum Viable Product to validate our intuition that a marketplace was needed for Precious Plastic. We used Sharetribe, a SaaS product that quickly got us up and running. As sales and the user base grew through its 2 years of operations, Sharetribe became increasingly restricting for the Precious Plastic community’s growing needs. This, paired with user feedback demanding for a better service, led us to invest time, money and energies to develop a new Bazar.

R.I.P. old Bazar.

The new Bazar, using CS-cart as the backbone digital infrastructure, has enhanced user experience and comes with a set of powerful features for both buyers and sellers:
* More International shipping options
* A cart to add multiple items
* Customizable frontend (UI)
* Improved dashboard for sellers
* Enhanced order management tools for sellers
* More granular categories

Plus, Precious Plastic has now direct access to the source code so we can keep improving it over time based on feedback from users.

As everything, nothing is perfect. The new Bazar also comes with a couple of downsides we’re aware of but are currently beyond our jurisdiction:
* No PayPal (bummer we know)
* More complex dashboard for sellers (we’re working on that)

Enough words from us. Have a look for yourself. Check out our new Bazar and let us know your opinion and feedback in the comments.