Every year millions of mobile phones are thrown away because they are broken or obsolete. In most of these cases it is just one part that needs repairing or upgrading and all the other parts work fine. However, the entire phone will be thrown out because of one reason: mobile phones are not designed for repairs or upgrades.

This mobile phone exists of separate components that can be ‘clicked’ together. Every component has its own function i.e. Bluetooth, WiFi, battery, display etc. When one of these components does not work, it can be replaced with a new one. When one of these components needs upgrading, same story: replace that specific component with a new one. Choosing separate components enables you to personalize your mobile phone to your needs. Are you into taking photos? Go for the best camera. Are you working in the ‘cloud’? Choose less storage. No need for a specific function? Go back to basic and choose a top notch battery


This project went from just an idea to a big movement.
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phone waste
Old mobile phones thrown away, image by Chris jordan


Phonebloks- bloksfront and sideview

camera userA guy that loves to take pictures.

phonebloks front and back


Early Phonebloks sketch