April 10, 2018

How to prevent the next global problem

Storyhopper season 2 launched today! 🔥 It took me 3 YEARS to finish this first 6 minute video! Big topic. How to prevent the next global problem: Watch *drumroll* The Darkside of Data.

I have mixed feelings when it comes to our digital world. Apps, messages, tweets, blogs, mails, pictures, videos. We can all communicate with each other instantly, spread knowledge and share pictures of our avocado lunch with the rest of the world. All this data is flowing through a network of cables around the world that we call internet. Its such an incredible impressive powerful tool we humans created.

We are quite aware of the amazing revolutions the digital world brings us. Companies love to share this part of the story. Where their marketing machines are focussed on. However there is a BIG Darkside to this world of data. So big that it could easily be our next global problem. No kidding.

This is the first step to prevent this problem. Unveil the darkside….