April 26, 2018

The fuel of electric cars

Gave a visit to the biggest lithium mine of the world in Chile. It started a few weeks back when we where in the South to set up a Precious Plastic Pilot  and I was talking to a random guy in the bus about electronics. He mentioned that the biggest Lithium mine of the world is located in the desert in the North. Lithium is used to make batteries. And this got me triggered. Mainly because this whole battery-era is just getting started. Phones, drones, camera, cars, tools, electric bikes, skateboards, powerwalls etc. We are going to rely more and more on electric energy storage. Specially Electric cars are going to massively increase this demand. Its going to play a huge role in our future. Got my curious, whats does a lithium mine looks like, is it safe, dangerous, big, bad for the environment? etc. So I dropped by and made a Story Hopper video about it. It got a bit…more serious then intended, but hey. its a serious topic! If you want to share you ideas/solutions visit the topic in our forums.