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Hi kampers,back into the forums. After some years living in Madrid's mountains I am making a walking trip with a trolley to discover new ways of living and new towns (no going back date) I started one month ago and the idea is to travel through the south face of the Central mountain range in Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal), from Madrid to Serra Do Estrela in Portugal (just a bit south from current Santa Comba (Project Kamp location). This mountain range is full of water, sun and hidden ecoprojects. Then exploring Portugal may be a second round for the trip. As I am making a slow trip I am able to make any kind of labour if needed for the kamp. Currently I am in Cuevas del Valle (Ávila) and moving west little by little. I am able to: - interview (got an iPhone 11 with pro mic) - explore, or whatever is needed in my way. - I could also explore project kamp's surroungings in Portugal when I get there (maybe september). - I am open to crazy ideas. - I have my laptop with solar panels and internet as I work as a webmaster freelance. - I have worked with traditional wood carpentry while creating a cabin in the woods - I have work as goatherd on local project - I am creative and open minded - I sometimes publish into Instagram in spanish. Just happy to see this project go ahead as I believe that changing livestyle is the key. Keep your life up! Ra
Viewing 30 topics - 31 through 60 (of 9,001 total)
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