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Hey all! We are a group of teenagers from Taranaki, New Zealand called the Trashformers. The aim of our project is to be able to recycle degraded ocean plastics into useful items (like phone cases or flower pots). We are also going to run experiments to test the durability of the plastics once they have been melted in the machines. We are currently working on building the shredder and extruder machines from the Precious Plastics website, to melt and mould the plastic we collect. We are all keen to better our environment, marine environments in particular, and thought a great place to start would be to make use of the waste collected on beach clean ups. Just recently, we have run into the problem of sorting and grading plastics collected on beach cleans, so that they can be melted at the correct temperature and will be made of the same plastic. We are having a bit of trouble figuring out which plastics and which number when they do not specify it. How have you overcome this? In particular, we are looking to start working with numbers 2 and 5. Is there an easy way to identify these that you have come across? Thank you for your time! Taranaki Trashformers group ♻
Viewing 1 topics - 9,001 through 9,001 (of 9,001 total)
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