February 8, 2017

Our online community is the backbone of our projects.  Over the years many of you have been using it to share feedback, discuss ideas and connect with each other. Great. But, let’s face it, it needed an update.

This online platform came to life about 3 years ago.
Both Phonebloks and Precious Plastic became projects that grew beyond just a product, they’re more of a movement. We wanted to give these people a place on the web where they could push projects forward openly. A place that is truly ours. No adds, no data selling etc.. Purely a platform to connect. Our own Facebook 🙂 So we needed to build this ourselves. Took a few versions and will probably always be under development. We are always open to improve this thing. Let us know if you have any feedback or even better want to help out development. Anyway,  this time we made another masssive update!  Below you can find a list of all the improvements we’ve been working on for the last few months.

Hope you like them!

1. Community news 📰

A news section inside the community where we post news from our army. Story Hopper submission, creations or Plastic machine builders. ( formerly known as lab.preciousplastic.com)

2. Filter members 👥

Our new filter in the army section makes it easier to find members based on their expertise or location. This should make it easier to find a machine builder, developer or video maker in your area 🙂 -don’t forget to update your profile details!

3. Horizontal menu 💫

Made the menu horizontal on all devices + added a submenu for the community sections. Keep things clear.

 4. Flags 📍

Throughout the community we put more emphasize on where people come from. Location is an important element when it comes to local collaboration. Flags are introduced to spot people that live ‘close by’. On a world scale..

5. User menu 🔑

We’ve added a little submenu after login to access profile and some other useful stuff.


Heart are embedded into the forums and community news, click the heart if you like the post. It’s a good way for others the see what’s the best content in a glimpse.

7. Highlights 🌟

A little label in our news section that shows our important highlights. You can click to only show highlights. Filter out the less important stuff 😉

8. Expertise 💪

You can share your expertise in your member profile and see what other members love to do. This should make it easier to collaborate from all over the world and find the expertise you need.

9. Random news 🗞

Added a little section underneath news articles, just a time killing random way to keep clicking around.

10. Dedication 🏆

Added a page dedicated to our badges and ranking system. We use this to see who is dedicated and keep track of everything that happens. Information will be used in the future for fun stuff 🙂

12. Private messages  📬

Long requested feature! Sending private messages to others users. yeah!2017-02-09 23_24_39

13. Goals 📄

Made a page just to make sure we are all on the same page 🙂
Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 23.15.38

14. Search 🔍

Finally, we’ve added a search page!