May 2, 2018

This online community is growing steadily forward. Over +50K members from around the world singed up over the years to participate in our projects. Awesome. Probably the most amazing thing in this community is the diversity of people, it’s literally from all over the world. Scroll through the forums and you will noticed the variety of flags. I guess global problems really affect everyone. Anyway, our main focus is executing our projects, melting plastic, develop machines, make videos etc. However we also see a huge potential in this online community. So in our little spare time with minimal resources we try to improve this online platform. Coding, designing testing. And every now and then we do an update. Today is one of those days. Below an overview with all the improvements, special thanks to @nzchicken @malor and @alromh87  for contributing their coding skills! ⚡ As always the entire theme is open-source for grabs on our Github. I’m pretty sure we missed a few things or haven’t properly tested on all devices so feedback or suggestions much appreciated in the comments below 👇


1. Save & Like topics ❤ ⭐

In addition to subscribe📧, you can now like and save topics. Saved topics are introduced so you do not loose track of useful information and make it easier to follow certain topics. Likes are used to, well i guess we know how likes work.. And subscribe will send you and email notification if there is a new reply posted in the topic.


2. Sort replies on most likes 🔽

In the forums you can now filter out the best replies. Useful to find the best answers in long threads with a lot of information. Do make sure to like replies that provide you good information. Makes it easier for others to find 🙂


3. Enhanced activity page 🤖

We’ve added stats, the amount of users, replies and topics. Added a latest topics and replies widget in the sidebar. Improved the images widget, no images link directly to the right reply in the forums.


4. PM Bubble 💭

Added a little notification that shows up if you have a new private message


5. Notifications 🔔

We’ve added Notifications! Access by that little yellow thunder ⚡ in the menubar. Shows up as soon as you have a notification. Make it go away by clearing all your notifications.


6. Topic stats 📊

Added a footer below each topic that shows some information about the topic. The amount of replies, people that liked, saved and subscribed to the topic.


7. Goodbye <HTML> Editor ✨

We’ve added a “rich editor” to write your posts and replies. No more messy html tags to include urls or style your message. Just press some buttons.


8. Improved comments 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

You could already leave comments on posts we write. Now we’ve improved the layout, added a flag for each user and how old the comment is.


9. Avatar upload button 📷

We really like it when members upload a profile picture. We’ve added a button on the activity page that encourages new users to do so.  The button in the little user menu is also still there however both buttons only shows up if you haven’t uploaded a avatar yet. If you don’t need it its not there 🙂


10. Add tags to topics 🏷

We’ve introduced tags to topics. Small keywords that topic starters can add, this makes it easier to search and find related topics + it keeps the forums better organised. We will build more upon this feature in the future, first step is gathering tags 🙂


11. And last. Probably the best update. 🏆🔥🤘🎉

We’ve completely redesigned the user profile page. It looks better, or at least it should added new features and removed bugs. Below the main improvements

There is now the option to upload a background avatar to show for instance your workspace. Dot it. looks cool

Profile pages show the latest images each user uploaded

You can see all your image uploads under the activity section. Here you can also keep track of the rest of your digital moves. Access your saved topics, subscriptions and replies you’ve created.

We simply ❤ donations


12. +a few tiny improvements⚙

– Portrait images are now uploaded as portrait images, not turned 90 degrees to landscape.

– After clicking an image in the forums the lightbox stay on the same place. No more scrolling down everytime.
– Image thumbnails link directly to the right image on the page
– Stop €0 donations
– Replies now have anchor hooks so you can be redirected directly to the right reply on the page.
– Images in the forums are now displayed full width. Just because we like images
– Made improvements against spam..again..💭