September 29, 2015

We love that you are here, seriously. We do our very best to connect the Internet army into our projects. It’s powerful, people from all over the world working together. Sharing knowledge to develop projects and push them forward.

Usually when projects are developed it’s done by a bunch of people inside an workspace. They think, sketch, draw, prototype, improve a design and finally when it’s ready, share it with the world. However we think everyone should be able to help out during the entire process. Gather information, share thoughts, and let it be known when something stupid is being done.

We love to have an online place where all our projects come together, where everyone can get involved in everything. Creating an anthill of like-minded people that try to make the world better by making things. However, there was no place that we loved. So we built it! A few of you have already seen it, and helped out on the beta version.
Today we go live! Today it’s official! Here are a few things we like our new place:


Where? Well, see that little ‘community’ button in the menu. That’s the entrance!



Use The Screen!

Computer screens are horizontal, so is software. So, why are websites vertical? Yeah.. it’s kind of weird that the web does not use the space on the sides. Software we love like Slack and Sparrow do. To us it makes sense to use this space. So we put a menu and a sidebar there. (No worries tiny mobile, it’s only for the big screens.)


We feel forums can be overwhelming, to many buttons, options and horrible on mobile units. We tried to make it simple, basic and easy to understand. Limited amount of buttons, actions and other complex stuff.







We took the first step by building this place, but it’s not finished, not yet, probably never will be. We invite you guys to help out, it’s your community as well. That’s why we made it in WordPress. Far from the best software for building something like this. But, it’s a language many developers speak. Which makes it easy for all to help, participate and improve this place.




We build this from scratch, it tooks us months. Now we’ve put everything open-source online on Github. So, yeah, technically you could start your own community like this in seconds… BUT we hope you like it here and want to help us out improving this place. Give us feedback here, and for developers help out here.




We truly appreciate when people engage in our projects. Giving ideas, work on development or simply help others find their way. We use a ranking system that keeps track of these actions and finds the most active members. This in order to make sure dedication doesn’t go unnoticed!


This is just the start, our first attempt at making an online space. We are very open to your feedback and hope it will help evolve this place into something we all love. We hope you want to be a part of it and are very much looking forward to your contributions!