February 4, 2017

A HUUUGE THING for the future of my projects! Everything I do/make/create is shared open-source online for free.
I believe this is the ultimate way to spread ideas around. I LOVE this.

In the last years I was always fully focussed on building and creating them, not setting up a business around it. However I reached a point where my projects want to grow and help many more people. But I don’t have the resources (fancy word for money) to do it myself.

I’ve been thinking about this and it took me a while before I figured out a way to keep my projects open, independent and free for everyone on the world. -While having enough funding to keep scaling and developing new ones. This requires a completely new way of working. I’ve have never ever found a way to properly do this. UNTIL NOW!

There is this new thing called Patreon. Kinda like crowdfunding but smaller amounts on a monthly bases. The raised money will push these projects forward. For instance many more people want to start recycle plastic around the world. To do this we need to cover material costs, rent, code a new platform, expand the team. I would also love to create a series of more in depth researched Story Hopper videos. High quality and remove those stupid ads. Or start working on other global problems like the food or fashion industry. For a couple of dollars a month, all together we can make that happen.
Honestly Ii have no clue how this will work out. But damn it gets me excited!.

Visit my Patreon page to support. https://www.patreon.com/davehakkens